Declaration of accessibility

The Efendi Hotel makes all efforts to provide its guests with equal, respectful, accessible and professional services. The hotel management and staff consider the accessibility to be of great importance and act accordingly to create diverse solutions that will make it easier for the guests to enjoy their vacation.The hotel staff is qualified and will be happy to assist.

Structure Accessibility Arrangements:

The structure accessibility arrangements listed below are for the reception area located at the address – Louis 9, Old Acre.

  • The Efendi Hotel is located at a Crusader site, a conservation building in the city of Acre, that has been declared as a World Heritage City.
  • Due to the unique historical value of the Efendi Hotel, which represents all the heyday of Acre, there are areas in the hotel that are inaccessible.
  • Many efforts have been made to make the hotel as accessible as possible in accordance with the given conditions.
  • The Efendi Hotel is in the alleys of the old city of Acre, when you arrive at the hotel, you can drive a car up to the entrance of the hotel and unload your personal belongings. The main entrance has a discharge ramp (the reception must be informed prior to arrival).
  • The reception holds a hearing aid and there are direction signs on the way.
  • Service animals that assist visitors with disabilities may enter the hotel
  • Hotel staff can assist with filling out forms.
  • On the entrance floor, there are accessible public toilets with all necessary equipment.

The hotel has an elevator on the entrance floor that reaches the accessible room and the hotel roof top. (Access to the roof top with a discharge ramp; the reception must be informed prior to arrival).

Accessible room with a 76cm net wide entrance door, an 80cm wide shower door, access to the room is on the same level as the elevator and without stairs (meets the regulations’ requirements for the existing building).

The Crusader basement of the hotel was discovered during the construction and preservation of the hotel. The access to the basement is through ancient stone steps which do not allow its accessibility, while making changes in the building would harm the value ​​of the building and its preservation.

The meetings room is not accessible; however, business meetings can be held on the rooftop of the hotel or in the dining room, which, are accessible.

The hotel SPA is not accessible; however, the SPA treatments can be provided in the hotel rooms. The hotel hammam is 400 years old and is original and therefore, in accordance with the conservation laws, it is not possible to modify the height of the marble bed and the structure of the hammam.

Meetings or social gatherings can be held at the dining room, the lobby and on the roof top of the hotel (access to the roof top with a discharge ramp; the reception must be informed prior to arrival). Exemption from accessibility in areas of the hotel was obtained under the 37 Form – exemption from the performance of accessibility accommodations at an existing public building, due to a material damage to the special character of the building.

Pursuant to Regulation 10(b) of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments for a Public Place which is an Existing Building) Regulations 5772-2011.

Accessible parking arrangements:

  • There are disabled parking spaces in the Knights parking lot (fees apply).
  • Additional disabled parking is available near the “Uri Buri” restaurant – the hotel staff will assist in arriving to the hotel.

Accessible Customer Services

The Efendi Hotel organizes accessibility training for its employees. The trainings include introduction to the field of accessibility, raising awareness and providing practical tools for efficient and accessible service.

There is also an accessible call center.

Additional ways to contact the Efendi Hotel:

  • Front desk – 24/7 by prior arrangement
  • Email:
  • Fax: 074-7299700
  • Contact via the “Contact Us” form on the website
  • Contact via mail – 9 Louis, Old Acre, PO Box 2349

Website Accessibility

An accessible website is a website that allows people with disabilities and the elderly to use it as efficiently and enjoyably as other users.

The hotel website meets the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adjustments) Regulations 5773- 2013.

The accessibility adjustments were made in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (T.I. 5568) for accessibility of content on the Internet at AA level and the international WCAG2.0 document.

The tests were tested for the highest compatibility for the Chrome browser.

The site provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and support for the common usage pattern for operating with a keyboard using the arrow keys, Enter and Esc to exit menus and windows. Suitable for display in common browsers and for use on the cellular phone.

For the best browsing experience with screen reading software, we recommend using the latest NVDA software.

Documents or videos uploaded to the site before October 2017 may not be fully accessible. If you come across such a document or video, you can contact the Accessibility Coordinator and we will make the information accessible to you.

Delivery of information in an accessible format – the company offers its customers the option of receiving information in accessible formats. The provision of information is free of charge and is intended for people with disabilities. For inquiries and information regarding accessibility, you can contact the company’s accessibility coordinator, whose details appear later in the statement.

Accessibility testing and consulting was performed by A2Z Accessibility and Internet Marketing Company.

Ways to contact requests or suggestions to improve accessibility: It should be noted that we continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the hotel, as part of our commitment to provide accessible service to the general public, including people with disabilities. If any problem or question arises regarding accessibility, please let us know, and we will make every possible effort to find an appropriate solution and address the problem as soon as possible.

The hotel staff will be happy to assist with anything needed and wish you an enjoyable vacation.

For more details and questions, please contact Dafna Starkman, Hotel Manager, 074-7299799

Statement update date: 7.6.2021