Spa & Hamam

The Efendi Boutique Hotel and Spa offers a variety of spa treatments for relaxation of body and soul, offered on-site by professional therapists. Hamam treatments are performed within a traditional, 400-year-old Turkish Hamam on location. The traditional Hamam treatment is performed in a marble covered room with a hot elevated area on which the treatment is provided. The treatment begins with body peeling, cleaning the top layers of the skin, scrubbing with natural olive oil soap, accelerating blood circulation, and muscle massage. During the traditionally conducted treatment at particularly high temperatures that allow the poisons to be released, hot and cold water is poured over the body. This treatment energizes, cleans the skin, and purifies the body – an unforgettable experience.

  • 30  minutes, price per person NIS 310

The Efendi Treatment

The Hamam treatments at the Efendi Hotel were developed pursuant to a traditional method, preserved from the Ottoman period and compiled by the bathhouse personnel, who professionalize in the treatment of individuals and couples. The treatment involves scrubbing with the gloves, a short and intense body massage, light beatings to circulate the blood, a soothing foam spread, while constantly switching between hot and cold water streams. All these trigger the removal of poisons from the body, cleaning and renewal of the skin cells, and relaxation of tense muscles. The Hamam treatment at the Efendi Hotel provides you with a long-lasting feeling of energetic freshness.

To feel like the Efendi, with an unusual experience for body and soul

  • 30 minutes Hamam treatment + 30 minutes complementary treatment in the treatment room.
  • Extremity massage – Massage of scalp, hands and feet. Supports a feeling of relaxation in the entire body.
  • Body and shoulder massage – A massage concentrating on the upper body to release tension, pain and stiffness from the shoulder girdle, the neck, and the back. Recommended to ease tensions and stress.
  •  500 NIS per individual.

List of Treatments

Swedish Massage – Classic massage with almond/grape oil to release muscle pain and mitigate tension and stress. Provides a feeling of relaxation and renewal.

340 NIS (45 min) / 390 NIS (60 min)

Aromatic Massage – Gentle treatment combining a mixture of aromatic oils in an individual mixture, providing body and soul with a long-lasting feeling of serenity.

340 NIS (45 min) / 390 NIS (60 min)

Deep Tissue Massage – A massage with oils concentrating on the deeper layers of muscles and tissue, a strong and energetic treatment, excellent for pulled muscles, and for the release of stiffness in specific areas. The massage combines pressure with deep tissue work with the elbows.

340 NIS (45 min) / 390 NIS (60 min)

Foot Massage – A western therapeutic method that applies pressure at specific reflex parts on the sole of the foot. The treatment reduces tension and brings balance of mind, body and soul.

340 NIS (45 min) / 390 NIS (60 min)

Hot Stones Massage – Massage based on an antique Native American healing method, combining massage with hot basalt stones. The stones are laid out on key spots of the back, releasing the deep muscle layers, accelerating the flow of blood and removing poisons from the body. Recommended particularly in the winter!

460 NIS (75 min)

Ayurveda – A traditional antique Indian experience that includes massage and anointment with hot sesame oil along the body, and in the end the anointment of the center of the forehead (the Third Eye), accompanied by a massage of the scalp. A gentle, soothing massage, supporting balance and energetic purification. Performed in the nude with an appropriate covering of the genital areas.

520 NIS (75 min)

Pregnancy Massage

Professional massage with almond/grape oil for the release of pain in the back, the pelvis, the legs, and for alleviation of stress on body and soul. Can be conducted only after the 16th pregnancy week.

  • Duration of treatment: 45 minutes
  • Price of treatment: NIS 340 per individual

Body and Soul – Upon advanced reservation

Yoga or Pilates lessons at sunset or sunrise, on the hotel terrace, or the magnificent roof, with its 360° view.

  • Private lesson for one person – NIS 500 for 60 minutes
  • Lesson for a couple – NIS 600 for 60 minutes



Important Instructions and Information

  • We recommend that you make a reservation before you arrive, and allow the Spa Team, available at any time, to assist you and provide you with consultation. For information regarding the various treatments – +972-(0)-74-729-9799
  • Access to the Spa area is allowed from the age of 16 and higher.
  • For your own convenience, please arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the treatment.
  • In order to allow the perfect Spa experience, we ask you not to turn on any cellular phones in the Spot area, and to maintain silence.
  • Cancellation without prior notification, or no-show, will be charged with the full treatment fee. Please inform us of the cancellation of a treatment at least 48 hours prior to the reserved treatment time.
  • The management shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to valuables.
  • The various treatments may be subject to modifications. Entry to treatments requires the signing of a health declaration.