The Uri Buri Restaurant

Uri Jeremias – one of the owners of the Efendi Hotel, known best for his old and famous restaurants – “Uri Buri”. For many years the Uri Buri restaurant in Acre has been a place of pilgrimage in Acre for lovers of maritime culinary arts and gastronomy. “Uri Buri” in Acre is known as one of the best restaurants in Israel and in the world. In 2019 it was granted the title of one of the best restaurants in the world, and the best restaurant in the Middle East and in Israel, by the international travelers website Trip Advisor.

Its chef Uri Jeremias, the restaurant owner, whose iconic long white beard became his trademark, is a host through and through and he loves all of his guests. Even today, after many years of hospitality and gastronomy, you may still see Uri sitting and talking with his guests, fearlessly exposing his culinary secrets. “Uri Buri” in Acre is a specialized seafood restaurant. The fish and seafood are fresh, seasonal, and prepared meticulously and creatively, granting its chef titles, and articles in important magazines all over the world. Uri’s cuisine is palatable for all, and everybody can find their favorite amongst the various menu items that also include vegetarian and vegan courses.

The Tasting Menu

You liked everything you saw on the menu? Don’t know what to choose? Let’s set out on a tasting journey.

The restaurant offers an appetite inducing experience with a tasting menu, where the various dishes are placed in the middle of the table, and the diners serve themselves from the central platter to their own plates. The Tasting Meal is an extended culinary experience that allows diners to enjoy a diverse meal of a choice of dishes, products, tastes and modes of preparation.

Not all the diners at the table need to take part in the Tasting Meal. The meal can be served to some of the diners, while others enjoy their personal dishes.

In addition to exquisite dishes, you may find the choice of Israeli quality wines, wonderful and personal service that befit the dishes in accordance with the characters of the diners in a romantic, authentic and perfect atmosphere.

The restaurant is located at a five minute walking distance from the hotel. It is situated between the walls of an antique, 400-year-old Ottoman building, opposite the western walls of the Old City of Acre, and the first line of buildings from the sea shore.

For over 20 years the “Uri Buri” restaurant has been serving the most wonderful fish and seafood dishes the sea has to offer, and a visit is considered mandatory in respect to the restaurants in the north of the country.

For details and reservations :+972-(0)-74-7299799